Tribal Traditions reflect that our beliefs and choices affect our cellular biology, which is transferred generationally by epigenetic inheritance. Participants will learn to identify archetypal shamanic karmic overlays and explore how embodied archetypes can impact our beliefs, perceptions and choices, ultimately influencing cellular consciousness. Each Archetype has an energetic imprint and wisdom of its own. Expressed through colour, image and sound, an alchemical relationship with the 4 Elements (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) facilitates sustainable outcomes, realigning vibrational frequencies to a state of ultimate balance.

Gaisheda will discuss:

• The language and science of Archetypal Shamanic Energy Medicine™ and the 4 elements

• Sacred Sound as a transformational tool to reprogram cellular memory

• The mindful connection to the natural world via the Wisdom Wheel archetypes

• Archetypal energy overlays that govern the energetic environment and affect cellular memory

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