Discover the latest in chronobiology and the importance of sleep for repair, detoxification and healing. Learn how sleep modulates the health of your microbiome (gut) and how it influences epigenetic mechanisms. The importance of the glympathic system in detoxifying the brain of neuro-toxic waste every night is critical for optimal brain health. Learn about the body’s ideal temperature for regulating the sleep response and enhancing the body’s ability to enter deep sleep states, crucial for repair. Most importantly discover practical strategies for sleep optimization: superfoods, herbs, nighttime elixirs, pre-bed routines, a life-changing technique to regulate your nervous system and the most cutting edge innovation in sleep technology. This lecture is not just for those with insomnia, sleep apnea or sleep-related issues, it is for anyone that it interested in anti-aging, pain control, repair, menopausal relief, athletic recovery, optimal brain health and peak performance.